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Field Verification for B-WIM System using Wireless Sensors

Bridge Weigh-in-Motion (B-WIM) is the concept of using measured strains on a bridge to calculate the static weights of passing traffic loads as they pass overhead at full highway speed. Weight calculations should have a high level of accuracy to enable the B-WIM system from being a tool for direct overload enforcement. This paper describes the experimental testing of the B-WIM system based on moving force identification (MFI) theory. The bridge was instrumented by wireless accelerometers and strain gages attached to the girders to measure the dynamics response when the calibrated trucks pass the bridge. LS-Dyna finite element program is used to imitate the 3-D bridge model, which validated utilizing the collected acceleration data. Then measurements from the wireless strain sensors are utilized to run the (MFI) algorithm and calculate the truck weight.




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