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Experimental Measurement of Metal Strength and Stiffness Using a Double-Side 3D Digital Image Correlation Setup

This paper further investigates the use of a 3D digital image correlation (DIC) setup, called the double-side DIC setup, which directly and simultaneously measures in-plane and out-of-plane strain and deflection. The double-side DIC setup differs from conventional 3D DIC setups in its orientation, as it is oriented at an angle to the test specimen. This allows multiple sides of a specimen to be viewed at the same time. Images taken by the system can be evaluated without special algorithms and without changing the standard 3D DIC algorithm. The double-side DIC setup’s measurement capability was compared to that of a conventional 3D DIC setup and strain gauges, and the setup’s inherent strain and displacement bias and noise was investigated using captured static images. The setup’s measurement capability was further demonstrated through the performance of multiple tensile tests of steel and aluminum specimens. Stiffness, yield strength, and Poisson’s ratio were evaluated using data from the setup. The system’s principles and experimental setup are described in detail, along with the results of tests performed to investigate the system.


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