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Creating a Trend-setting Vision for NDE Technology and Driving the Change

The Agile Followers innovate in response to the demand; and the Smart Forecasters anticipate the demand; But the Visionary Trendsetters create the demand with innovative products, services, or business models. What differentiates these innovation profiles is how the “team” comes together to obtain “customer insight”, create a “vision”, and then manage “risk” on their way to successful market capture. This paper covers just a few best practices to help research teams define a purposeful vision; and inspire engineers to engage, sponsors to invest, and customers to follow. Why worry about adapting to the changing world. Why not create the change you want? Exploit the disruptive changes such as Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Augmented reality, Additive manufacturing, Internet of things to create the next generation of inspection systems, an era of NDE 4.0 in line with industry 4.0.




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