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Automatic Ultrasonic Testing Technique for AZ80 Magnesium Alloy Cartridges

In order to achieve accurate and automatic detection of the internal discontinuities in magnesium alloy cartridges with variable thicknesses and curvatures, a robot-based automatic ultrasonic detection system is designed. Kinematic equations are used to develop a scanning path compensation algorithm for the ultrasonic transducer. When combined with the theoretical drift model to analyze the eccentric error of the magnesium alloy, the algorithm can effectively reduce the negative effect of clamping eccentricity errors on ultrasonic echo signals. Ultrasonic C-scan experiments are conducted to quantitatively evaluate artificial discontinuities in magnesium alloy missile cartridges. The experimental results show that the amplitude of the ultrasonic signal after path compensation can be increased by 6%, and the relative errors between the measured value and the theoretical value of the discontinuity size are no more than 5%. The technique can provide an effective tool for accurately evaluating rotary components such as AZ80 magnesium alloy cartridges.


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