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The Time Is Now For Intelligent Leaders To Embrace Technology

The current process of data collection for many in the Oil & Gas industry has become rather archaic, relative to other industries. The simple spreadsheet process (manual or electronic) does not allow the asset owner the single most important aspect of the data collection process – the timeliness of the data. The power to make decisions with real-time accurate data is the most important benefit that technology provides. Technology also eliminates personality affected results from the data collected. Every separate individual who handles the data decreases the consistency and accuracy of the information. With the severity of the potential risks that inspection data is designed to provide, why would anyone continue to take the risks by letting time pass and not implement a new technology to streamline the process? The most common reason companies are hesitant to embrace new technology is that they don’t understand all the benefits technology can provide. There are many electronic data collection technologies on the market today, but to take full advantage of what technology can provide, you need an intelligent, full-service mobile data collection solution that combines and tracks all the data from the beginning of the inspection to the end user. What today’s intelligent technology can provide is interoperability, mobile data collection, cascading questions, picture referencing, photo annotation, data funneling and cost savings. Implementing new intelligent technology into your facility, you can take many of the “negative” factors out of the inspection process while saving up to 30% of your company time and money.

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