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Remote NDT Field Applications and User Cases

The remote control capabilities of instruments nowadays ease the development of new NDT applications, especially in harsh environments or restricted areas where it can be difficult to bring together measurement instrument and technician. On the other hand, the introduction of cloud technology is another advancement that unlocks the possibilities of collaboration between remote experts and field troopers. This paper explains the challenges and benefits of using such innovations in the field of NDT measurement instruments by presenting two customer cases. The demonstration includes a case of remote control on a deported instrument over a local but relatively long distance and a case where a de-localised expert supports a technician live on site over a mobile network.


The authors thank EPRI for their research about the NDT reliability. Their contribution has been invaluable for the redaction of this paper.

1. The male gender is being used to ease the reading.  

2. BAM – Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und Prüfung 

3. Presentation “Perspectives on NDE Reliability” by Greg Selby - EPRI, 6th International CANDU In-Service Inspection Workshop Toronto, November 2016 


5. GSMA mobile connectivity index launch report - 2006 





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