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PolyCT - Upgrade for Industrial CT-Scanners

Industrial X-ray computed tomography (CT) as standardized method of non-destructive testing is a widely developed technology and used for a wide range of applications. Nevertheless, the primary invest of CT systems is comparably high and users have to rely for a variety of tasks to a single existing CT system. The presented development focuses on the enhancement of the efficiency and throughput applicable to any CT device. The PolyCT is an intuitively usable instrument extension that improves the measuring throughput of the CT system directly by a factor of three. It consists of three mechanically coupled rotation axes working directly coupled to the existing CT chuck, without an own drive. This reduces the adaption efforts to a minimum, not requiring the CT vendor to be involved. By using individual rotation centers, the active area of the X-ray detector is optimally used even for high absorbing samples. Furthermore this technique allows using the full amount of detector pixels at much lower projection numbers than natively required. Beside the mechanical installation software has been developed to automatically compensate for the cone beam distortion and to reconstruct the separate volumes. A comparison between a standard scan and PolyCT scan in terms of measurement time and resulting image quality will be presented. The main requirements for the usage of the extension and quality influencing features will be discussed.


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