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New Approach for X-ray Weld Inspection of Pipeline Segments

As pipeline segments are safety relevant parts with demanding international quality standards is required to perform an X-ray inspection of the welding lines after production. This paper will present leading quality standards like ISO-17636-2 and API 5L and will highlight their practical relevance. A main focus will be the different quality metrics like spatial resolution (SRb), Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR), Contrast Sensivity (CS) and long term stability evaluation of Digital Detector Arrays (DDA). Furthermore, it will introduce different setups to inspect the welding lines created by different techniques (spiral, longitudinal and circumferential). An outlook will present automation techniques to increase throughput, while ensuring highest process safety. It will provide responsible NDT managers comprehensive tools to calculate Return of Invest (ROI) of investments in Digital Radiography (DR) and to ensure a smooth transition from traditional film techniques.

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