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NDT Using Digital Laser Speckle Image Correlation (DiLSIC)

This paper examines the feasibility of a new hybrid method which combines Digital Image Correlation (DIC) with Laser Speckle based methods, called Digital Laser Speckle Image Correlation (DiLSIC). Consequently, this method does not require any sample preparation and allows for the measurement of displacement of micro structures in addition to large displacements. In this technique, a coherent 30mW-632nm laser beam is expanded with 40X lens and then illuminated on the target surface to produce a fine, homogenous laser speckle pattern. Then, images before and after applying deformation were captured to inspect the response of the sample to any external load based on the DIC method. This technique could measure displacement less than 30-µm with high accuracy when a 120mm × 80mm area of the surface was inspected. [0-10%] strain values were measured by this technique with high accuracy during the whole range. Additionally the sub-surface crack was located successfully, which is a revolutionary achievement in NDT optical methods.


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