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Merging Three NDT Techniques into a Single Structural Health Monitoring System

This paper presents an integrated nondestructive testing/structural health monitoring (NDT/SHM) system based on acoustic emission testing (AE), electromechanical impedance (EMI), and guided ultrasonic waves (GUWs). The feasibility of this multimodal system is assessed by monitoring an aluminum plate with an array of six wafer-type piezoelectric transducers. AE events are generated with the pencil-lead break technique, whereas damage is simulated in the form of permanent magnets attached to the plate. The waveforms associated with the AE are processed using a source localization approach, whereas the GUWs and EMI data are processed using two simple metrics based on cross-correlation. The results presented here show that the proposed system is robust and the three NDT techniques complement each other very well.


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