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Introduction to Digital Radiography (DR) Systems, Its Operating Principles and Efficient Installation Process

X-ray inspection is a widely adapted technology for quality control of industrial products in many sectors. Especially safety relevant parts in the aerospace, automotive and oil and gas sector are subject to exhaustive tests. A broad and sometimes confusing palette of international, national and company specific quality standards and requirements has to be closely followed to pass the demanding audits. Additional uncertainty is evolving from the constant technology shift to Digital Radiography (DR). The quality and variety of digital Flat Panel Detectors (FPD) is increasing on a faster pace than ever, allowing the usage in more and more applications. At the same time as quality requirements increase, companies have to maintain a high cost-efficiency to remain competitive in a globalized world. In many cases the only solution to this dilemma is digitizing and streamlining the inspection process through modern DR technology. Therefore, companies and NDT managers all around the world are analyzing available solutions, which often pose a long-term capital investment. This article shall give a brief understanding about the applications, capabilities, certification and efficiency of complex X-ray systems and applications to inform NDT engineers and managers about the decision process in establishment of new equipment and processes. This presentation and manuscript is a condensed version of the articles published in the NDT Technician issue 2-4 of 2017.


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