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Industrial X-ray Inspection: A Guide to Customized Inspection Solutions and Digital Radiography – Part 3

The first part of this article introduced the basic concept of digital X-ray imaging, its components, and the commercial principles of such capital investment. Additionally, several metrics to analyze and compare processes and technologies were discussed and explained. The second part focused on the process to implement a digital radiography system starting from the initial demand, to definition of specification, to case studies, and up to installation and maintenance. To give readers a better understanding, different techniques like real-time radiography, automated defect recognition (ADR), and computed tomography were introduced and analyzed. The bottom line was that the process of implementing this technology requires a well-structured approach to avoid typical pitfalls. The last part of this article will outline characteristic requirements of different industries like automotive, aerospace, defense, or oil and gas. This includes special quality standards, process requirements, and company guidelines. To wrap this series up, this article will explain examples of systems and concepts for each industry and the different automation levels to provide inspiration.


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