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Finite Element Simulation of Real-time Health Monitoring of Steel Rod using Active Fiber Optic Sensors

Steel structure members are widely used in modern constructions. Crucial structure members (i.e., the steel frame or hoist in an oil platform) should be monitored frequently since deterioration of such members jeopardizes safety of human and leads to economic loss. An active fiber optic sensor (FOS) utilizing the photoacoustic effect has been proposed for actively generating surface ultrasonic waves. By combining this FOS with a FOS receiver, surface corrosion detection of steel structures using ultrasound can be accomplished. In this study, surface ultrasonic wave propagation behavior in intact and corroded steel rod was investigated using finite element method. Ultrasonic waves (radial displacements) were collected by different FOS receivers and compared with each other. Spacing of sensors were optimized based on the simulation results. A surface corrosion detection method for steel rod was developed.


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