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Experimental Observation of Phased Array Guided Wave Application in Composite Materials

Guided waves have been used extensively for discontinuity detection and materials evaluation in different applications. To reach a high probability of detection in nondestructive evaluation applica-tions, the optimal mode and frequency need to be used. The application of phased array ultrasonic testing for guided wave generation provides the advantages of multielement and time control firing of the elements. However, the optimal setup parameters have become more sophisticated. This study investigates guided wave generation and its application on carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) materials. The phased array ultrasonic technique (PAUT) was used as a promising nonde-structive technique for the inspection and evalua-tion of CFRP plates. Guided waves were generated using a PAUT commercial unit, probes, and wedges to investigate the possible applications of inspec-tion in industries. The wave generation factors, accuracy, and sensitivity of the technique are studied through the evaluation of wave parameters and signal characteristics. Results show that the guided wave modes can be generated using commercially available phased array ultrasonic systems through setting up the phased arrayparameters, including focusing the dynamic and static angles of the wave incident beams.


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