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Evaluation of Adhesive Joints with Ultrasonic Digital Image Correlation

Increasing use of composite materials in industry brings the need for newer and more practical methods to evaluate them. Widespread use of composite materials heavily depends on the manufacturer’s ability to unquestionably ensure its safety, given how much the user trusts them. Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) can be used to evaluate adhesive bondline health. This paper employs Digital Image Correlation (DIC) method, one of the known methods in NDE, and combines it with an embedded speckle pattern in order to obtain valuable information from within the adhesive bondline. By recording the movement of the speckles and analyzing their behavior according to DIC algorithms, a strain map of the adhesive is drawn. An adhesive strain map helps find defects that might be out of sight using conventional NDE methods. Previous presentations of this study have shown the ability of the method. A comparative study between experimental results and finite element results was presented. This paper focuses on new experimental findings of this new method and employs ultrasonic image recording to perform DIC. It is shown how defects within adhesive joints are being revealed using this new method.


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