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Digital Detector Array Image Quality for Various GOS Scintillators

Digital detector arrays (DDAs) are becoming more prevalent for industrial radiographic inspection. The type of scintillator used with a DDA determines the overall achievable image quality. DRZ High, DRZ Plus, DRZ Standard, and DRZ Fine gadolinium oxysulfide terbium (GOS: Tb) activated scintillators were investigated in combination with the Carestream DRX PLUS digital detector array panel. Three beam conditions were utilized for exposure: RQA-5 (70 kVp, 21 mm aluminum), RQA-9 (120 kVp, 1 mm copper and 4 mm aluminum), and NDT (220 kVp, 8 mm copper). The detective quantum efficiency (DQE), modulation transfer function (MTF), sensitivity, and interpolated basic spatial resolution (iSRb) were determined for each scintillator and beam condition. The results of this investigation are presented in this paper.


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