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Deployment of a Practical CUI/CUF Assessment Tool for Pressure Vessels and Piping Systems

Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) and Corrosion Under Fireproofing (CUF) continue to represent significant challenges to asset owners when it comes to deployment of a robust and reliable approach by which these damage mechanisms can be identified and categorized in a timely and cost effective fashion. While existing methods such as Guided Wave Testing (GWT) have of late provided a solution for detection of CUI on straight run piping, the approach has proven less attractive when applied to short-run piping found in most processing facilities. On the other hand, most asset operators have to rely on the more rudimentary approach of stripping insulation from tanks and vessels to detect and mitigate CUI/CUF or relying on certain indicators to identify locations that should be stripped. Both these approaches are becoming more and more cost prohibitive while proving to lack any consistent reliability on which to base a systematic program. It is in such an environment that the more recently developed Russell NDE Systems (Bracelet Probe) / HSI E-CAT™ (Electromagnetic Condition Assessment Tool) is being deployed. The system allows for active scanning on insulated surfaces ranging from small-bore piping to flat plates (large diameter tank and vessel application), while maintaining a viable level of sensitivity to relevant CUI/CUF damage.


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