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Deployment of Cellular-Based Ultrasonic Corrosion Measurement System for Refining & Petro-Chemical Plant Applications

Recent technological advances in precision, fully-digital ultrasonic wall-thickness measurement systems coupled with cellular data back-haul are enabling very accurate, easily deployable, and more cost-effective corrosion monitoring systems that can compete with more traditional manual non-destructive testing (NDT) methods. Some comparisons with improved data accuracy of installed sensors in lieu of larger quantities of manual spot data are presented. This paper will include the design principles used in the creation of this next-generation platform, end-user input used to refine the design, and recent installation and operational experiences.


1.  J. Obrien “Chevron NDE Performance Demonstration Exams” API Inspection Summit, January 26-29, Galveston Island Convention Center, Galveston, TX.

2.  Biagiotti, S. (1997) “Effect of Temperature on Ultrasonic Velocity in Steel” NACE Corrosion 97, Paper number 259, NACE International, Houston, TX.

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