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UT of Composites: Atypical Characteristics that You Need to Be Aware of

Composite materials are not uniform like typical metal materials. In addition to not being uniform, all composites contain indications, which may or may not be relevant ndications. Ultrasonics, being a comparative science, heavily depends upon the relevance and quality of its respective calibration standards. The best standards are those that contain such targets within an actual part to set the appropriate sensitivities to. Once calibrated, the inspection is ready to detect and size relevant indications. Although the best practice is being followed as described above, there are still anomalies that are atypical to a standard UT inspection. The purpose of this paper is to cover 2 important anomalies: detecting resin rich indications, and sizing depths of wrinkles. This paper discusses the design of graphite epoxy composite calibration standards, why resin rich indications are missed, and tips on how to determine wrinkle depths.

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