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The Missing Subject Matter Expert in the Planning and Design Process

Generally planning and design of structures and systems is the generic responsibility of an engineer, and more likely a planning and design team which is composed of a number of subject matter experts, a number of whom are engineers. Among these experts might be a structural engineer who is responsible for determining the expected loads a component will experience during the service life, another might be a materials engineer who will be responsible for determining what materials are needed to avoid issues with corrosion, creep, fatigue, and fracture, along with a damage mechanics expert who will need to determine what flaws, if present as a result of manufacturing, will reduce the strength and durability of the components. Who is generally missing is the NDE Engineer. If so who decides whether adequate inspection to reliably detect critical flaws sizes can be performed, which inspection methods to use, specify how to perform these inspections, what calibration and validation procedures to use? What sort of knowledge does this person need to support the planning and design process. A proposed knowledge base for an NDE Engineering subject matter expert will be described and the rationale for the proposal provided.

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