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Progress Towards the Development of a Compact Calibration Set for Quantitative NDE Inspection of Aerospace Composites

Contact Scanning and Immersion Scanning were used to gather data on the samples, with Pulse/Echo Method used during the scanning process for both approaches. Diagram 1 shows the setups for both methods. For contact scanning a Panametrics 5052PR Pulser/Reciever was used to send receive signals from the hand-held transducer, and the waveform was viewed on a LeCroy Waverunner LT342 Oscilloscope. The immersion scanning was done using an automated machine consisting of a moving armature that would move the transducer across the sample, a Panametrics Model 5800 used as the transmitter/receiver in line with the transducer, and a computer to control the machine and interpret the results.

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