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Numerical Simulation and Experimental Investigation of Propagation of Guided Waves on Pipe with Discontinuities in Different Axial Angles

Guided wave testing is the main method used to detect pipe discontinuities. In this paper, finite element analysis software was used to perform a numerical simulation of the propagation of a guided wave T(0,1) mode in a pipe with discontinuities at different axial angles. In order to demonstrate the accuracy of the proposed simulation, the propagation of the guided wave was examined and investigated. The numerical simulation and experimental results were consistent, showing that the signal of the T(0,1) mode guided wave was too small to be considered as the signal from the discontinuity when the axial angle was 45°, and the reflection coefficient increased by increasing the axial angle when the axial angle was larger than 45°. Conversely, the reflection coefficient was much smaller and decreased by increasing the axial angle when the axial angle was less than 45°.

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