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Localized Condition Monitoring Around Rebars Using Focused Ultrasonic Field and SAFT

The objective of this article is to assess the feasibility of detection of delaminations around rebars in cement mortar using focused ultrasound. The focused field is used to insonify the medium and subsequent image reconstruction is done using the Synthetic Aperture Focusing Technique. The attenuation and scattering of ultrasonic waves by cement mortar can be partially circumvented by focusing the ultrasonic energy towards a particular region of interest. This increases the chances of detection of delaminations around rebars in the chosen region of interest. Artificial delaminations of submillimeter dimensions wrapped around rebars are found to be detectable using this approach. The operational time associated with focusing with an ultrasonic array and subsequent image formation is shown to be less in comparison to the Total FocusingMethod. This makes the proposed method an attractive diagnostic technique for rapid nondestructive evaluation of cement-based materials.

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