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Influence of Coupling Interference on Arrayed Eddy Current Displacement Measurement

For arrayed eddy current displacement measurement, the measuring error is caused by the coupling interference between coils. In order to analyze the influence, simulation and experiments were carried out. It was found that both liftoff and sensor spacing have an impact on the coupling interference. Also, the sensor’s measuring range is reduced when the spacing is less than the coil outer diameter. In addition, the percentage of reduction of the measuring range will vary with sensor spacing according to the exponential rule. Additionally, a piecewise effect caused by liftoff on the coupling was discovered, which is significant for arrayed eddy current applications. Finally, with the help of the sensor’s inverse transfer function established by the sixth order polynomial fitting, compensation was accomplished. As a result, the compensation has a good effect: the average error was 0.009 mm, while the maximum error was 0.043 mm.

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