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Hand-Held, Wireless (or Ethernet) Eddy Current Array System for Rapid Inspection

This paper describes a new hand-held 7-channel fully parallel impedance instrument that can support a wide range of eddy current sensors. Applications include 7-channel flexible MWM®-Array sensors for rapid imaging of corrosion or first and second layer cracks in lap-joints, and segmented field eddy current sensors for characterization of coatings in turbines or structures. MWM-Arrays enable multiple frequency model-based characterization of lap-joints, discriminating between first and second layer corrosion, and discrimination between inconsequential gaps between layers and actual material loss. Linear drive MWM-Arrays also support composite impact damage imaging and fiber orientation characterization. Segmented field eddy current sensors enable enhanced characterization of multiple layered coatings [1-5]. The hand-held system is complementary to larger 19- and 39-channel versions (expandable to 119 fully parallel channels) that can provide both wide area rapid scanning with inductive sensing element MWM-Arrays and very low frequency operation with magnetoresistive sensors (e.g., MR-MWM-Arrays) for imaging of buried corrosion in thicker structures. This presentation will describe the recent advances in the hand-held instrumentation and MWM-Array technologies for a range of applications.


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Technical Document Number TR_2016_05_13_Handheld titled “ Hand-Held, Wireless (or Ethernet) Eddy Current

Array System for Rapid Inspection” dated May 13, 2016.

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