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Faster, Safer, Smarter: Automatic Crack Detection Methods on Large-Scale Concrete Infrastructure

In concrete structures such as bridge, tunnels, and dams, deformations such as cracks or delamination develop as deterioration progresses. To maintain and preserve structure performance, it is important to catch deformations in progress via periodical inspection. Cracks are especially one of the more important factors in understanding structural conditions as they occur based on degradation or structural damage. In Japan, a law revision in 2013 makes inspections compulsory for all public structures. Generally, crack inspection is required to look closely at structures and evaluate crack width visually by the naked eye. Regarding dam structures, large surface areas and structure heights require large amounts of labor in dangerous conditions. So, in order to conduct crack inspection of dam structures efficiently and safely and analyze crack width and length, we use crack detection technology to process images taken from a distance using a DSLR camera with zoom lens. In this report, we introduce a validation case study of image accuracy using images taken from a 70-meter distance of the target, and also introduce an actual case that employed this method.

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