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Dynamic Radiography Acquisition Software System for Computed Tomography Applications

This work aims to deliver a hardware-specific image acquisition software environment for use in direct radiography and computed tomography applications. The goal of this project was to develop a dynamic control application that provides the necessary functionality relevant to industrial computed tomography applications, as well as full compatibility with many manufacturers of radiography and computed tomography system hardware currently available on the market. Several object oriented design patterns were adopted in order to develop a system capable of communicating not only with different manufacturers of hardware, but also communicating with various species of hardware (e.g. motor controllers, X-Ray detectors, X-Ray sources). The system also enabled a channel of communication between each of the various hardware systems. This was done by generalizing each of the hardware manufacturers’ control libraries to a set of generic hardware control libraries. Because of this, new hardware control libraries can easily be imported into the system, with little to no adjustment in source code. The proposed software system will decrease the need for long term software maintenance, thereby lowering development costs. This system will in turn allow for the introduction of new innovative configurations of computed tomography scanning systems, which may open new possibilities for radiography research.

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