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Broadband Omni-directional Magnetostrictive Transducer (MsT) for Transversal Guided Waves in Plates

Magnetostrictive sensing (MsS) technology utilizing ferromagnetic strip materials is widely used for guided wave testing of piping and plates. Due to the increasing demand in enhanced data acquisition and processing, such as phased array systems, sensors used for pipes are split into multiple segments to allow synthetic or dynamic focusing function. Adjusting this multi-segment concept for omni-directional operation on plates was found to be more challenging due to limited space and requirements to maximize signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) as well as signal purity and possibly a wider frequency range. New development in enhancing on omni-directional transducer was done. The transducers utilize a novel MsT magnetostrictive transduction coils arrangement that allows splitting the coils into small segments. The transducer was optimized for optimal energy conversion using iron cobalt (FeCo) alloy strip and also for operation in 150 – 500 kHz frequency range. Transducer performance and limitations will be discussed together with potential future applications.


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