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A Unique and Patented FAST UT Phased Array Instrument

FAAST is a UT Phased Array system especially designed to meet with the high productivity inspection needs, thanks to its outstanding capability at replacing multiple conventional Phased Array systems working in parallel. FAAST patented linear pulsing generator allows multi-beams transmission within ONE SINGLE SHOT using 1D Linear, but, overall, 2D MATRIX probes awarding it thus a huge advantage. The first industrial application being built by SOCOMATE and requesting this Phased-Array technology is for rail inspection on-track at a speed of 100km/h with only one 1D multi-element probe generating up to 16 oriented beams from 20° to 70° WITHIN A SINGLE SHOT. References in OCTG tubing market for which FAAST gives the possibility to meet with the most severe API Standard requirements for both services companies and high productivity lines.. The FAAST can detect and process in real time all oriented reflectors in tube by generating multi-oriented beams, WITHIN A SINGLE SPRAY throughout a 2D MATRIX ARRAY probe, into seamless tubing up to Ø 450mm for the detection of Longitudinal, Transversal & all Oblique notches every 5° Step over the 360° circumference of tube, for both extremity and fullbody inspection. Delamination detection and Wall Thickness measurement are provided with a 1D-LINEAR ARRAY Probe. Reference in high precision and umbilical tubing up to Ø 50mm for the detection of both Longitudinal & Transversal notches, with only one Bi-LINEAR ARRAY RING probe and at up to 24 m/min linear feeding speed. associated to our E.ROTA patented system for full dimensional measurement (OD, WT, ECC, ID, OV), a solution is now available as the unique option to rotary heads on linear feeding lines, and with NO MECHANICAL ROTATING MOVEMENT, for easy and quick probe positioning & calibration, as well as for cut down maintenance costs. Reference in Aircraft Industry for special alloy and titanium turbine disc inspection complying with Multizone testing procedures aiming at the detection of down to Ø 0.4mm FBH at 2.0mm up to 140mm depth from the surface. Multi-zone testing procedure requests Multi-focused and/or Multi-oriented beams generation WITHIN A SINGLE SPRAY throughout a 2D MATRIX ARRAY Probe, reducing thus considerably the inspection time per turbine disc.

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