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A Digital Facility Approach to the Collection and Analysis of NDT for the Refining and Petrochemical Industries

NDT is an integral part of maintaining plant integrity and safety, but the practice of performing inspections and recording the results is largely a manual, decentralized process which requires significant supervision and auditing to maintain consistent quality of results. As an alternative to traditional work practices, we propose improving both the quality and efficiency of NDT processes through the application of digital technology. With our approach all work processes are digitized and served to the inspector through a mobile computing platform. The mobile “apps” provide inspectors step-by-step input forms to guide NDT field work and record relevant information. All inspections are submitted to a central server for storage and supervisory review and customer reports are automatically generated by the data server. Benefits of a digital approach to NDT inspection include improved accuracy, consistency across inspectors and facilities, and improved efficiency through reduced manual processes involved with recordation and reporting.

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