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Utilizing Computed Tomography for RDT&E of the Advanced Fragmentation Grenade

The Crane Advanced Fragmentation Grenade (AFG) project was funded by the Naval Innovative Science and Engineering (NISE) program. This project focused on the development and assessment of a design to replace the currently fielded M67 Fragmentation Grenade. The project is a system wide approach to improve the performance, ergonomics, safety, and sustainability of the M67 while maintaining the form, fit, and function of a hand grenade. To accomplish this task, size, shape, energetics, fuzing, case materials, and metallurgy were reviewed and redesigned. The entire purpose of x-raying ordnance rests with whether the item under test is safe for use. Whether that item is a new development or something that has been in the field for many years there has always been a need to take a detailed look at ordnance items. Some of these items may be simple charges, but the other items may be composed of several safety mechanisms that may require a closer look. Whatever the case is computed tomography (CT) has allowed for a much greater detailed examination of items. What was once almost impossible to see in conventional x-ray is now easily obtainable through CT scanning.

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