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Ultrasonic Testing of Electroslag Welds

This paper describes the ultrasonic test methods developed and implemented in the inspection of Electroslag welds. During routine inspection and excavation of rejectable indications, Quality Control inspectors discovered several linear planar indications that were not previously documented as rejectable indications in accordance with AWS D1.5, 2002, Table 6.4. These indications were oriented parallel to the X axis of the weld, and were located at the fusion face, and also in the center of the weld. Following the discovery of these indications, the project team conducted a thorough review of the nondestructive testing procedures used in the inspection of electroslag welds. This review resulted in the development of a unique pitch and catch ultrasonic testing technique. The pitch-catch technique described in AWS D1.5 was not sufficient to accurately evaluate all of the planar indications present in the welds. This paper will describe the limitations of the pitch-catch procedure described in AWS D1.5 and detail the procedure developed and successfully implemented by the project team.

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