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Tubular Outside Diameter Measuring Laser Apparatus in Conjunction with Ultrasonic Wall Thickness

This laser measuring apparatus is engineered for scanning large outside diameter tubular products in real time by means of a continuous process along total length of tube. In addition to diameter data points collected, simultaneously wall thickness values are measured using the ultrasonic technique. The amount of pipe surface scanned with this apparatus does exceed the minimum requirements for new pipe manufactured to the latest American Petroleum Institute specifications for line pipe 5L or casing/tubing 5CT or drill pipe 5DP. API states diameter dimensional checks are only required in a single diametric plane on pipe end with a frequency of one length per one hundred lengths manufactured. Specialized handling equipment rotates each pipe independently at high rates of surface speed permitting the laser apparatus to move quickly along the tube length at a consistent helix collecting, storing and formulating extremely large amounts of data points. This data collection allows the purchaser of tubular products to populate industry equations calculating various pipe performance properties such as axial strength, internal pressure resistance and collapse resistance. Critical pipe characteristics (dimensions) are quantified defining appropriate product design loads. Engineers are now able to sort through data choosing best fit-for-service products eliminating possible mishaps, preventing downtime and improving uptime efficiencies. The oil and gas market continues to drive for leading edge technology where it is essential to know actual diameter sizes of line pipe for field lines as well as casing, tubing and drill pipe in wellbore applications.

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