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Testing of Rewritten Eddy Current Inspection Software

Wyle has fielded eddy current inspections on a 7-axis automated Eddy Current Inspection Station (ECIS) since the 1980s. Since its creation, inspection routines have been implemented that integrate a wide variety of processing techniques with automated control of hardware and inspection processes. A recent contract was awarded to completely rewrite the current REV 034 station software into a more modern and maintainable object-oriented format in Visual C++. The new software is referred to as Station Executive Software or SES 000. In order to minimize the chances of any software bugs going undetected, the rewritten code needs to be thoroughly tested. This paper will address the variety of techniques employed to test the rewritten station software. Since unit testing and sensitivity testing are not the primary responsibility of the presenter, they will only be covered at a summary level. “Reflow testing” and “operational testing” will therefore be the emphasis of this presentation.

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