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Short-Range Guided Wave Testing for Corrosion Under Pipe Supports

There are multiple technologies available for the rapid screening of pipelines for corrosion, including conventional guided wave ultrasonics and in-line inspection techniques that utilize magnetic flux leakage or ultrasound [1]. However, these inspection methods may not be applicable or effective in complex pipeline segments, such as those found in pump stations, metering stations, and tank farms. Furthermore, there are often access limitations for inspecting obstructed portions of pipelines. Some obstructed portions of pipelines, such as areas under supports, are also the most likely location of crevice corrosion. To address this inspection problem, a Short Range Guided Wave Testing (SR-GWT) technique that utilizes Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducers (EMATs) to inspect for Corrosion Under Pipe Supports (CUPS). This type of sensor has several advantages, such as being non-contact and having the ability to be used on painted and rough surfaces with minimal surface preparation [2]. This technology operates at higher frequencies than traditional long range guided wave technology. Higher frequency ultrasound enhances resolution and allows for the interrogation of multiple styles of pipe supports without a disturbance in the data due to contact points with the support. This high frequency technique allows for inspection coverage of the pipe body in the support area [3].

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