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Review of Past Inspection Capabilities and Definition of Inspection Needs

The Double-Shell Tank Integrity Project (DSTIP) uses ultrasonic testing with remote robotic crawlers to examine the double-shell tank (DST) primary tank sidewalls for thinning, pitting, and cracking. This pulse-echo inspection provides a volumetric examination of the metal examined. The examinations are performed using a magnetic crawler that holds the transducers to conduct the examination. The DSTIP has completed two rounds of inspections of the DSTs and the inspections have shown no significant degradation of the areas examined (RPP-RPT-58301). The DSTIP has under development two new methods of examination of the DSTs and plans to explore other techniques for the examination of the tank bottoms. The deployment of these technologies has the goal of improving knowledge of tank integrity. With this better knowledge, the DSTIP can develop better information about the risk of continued used of the DSTs and better inform the RPP of the need for replacement of DSTs.

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