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Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing of Longitudinally Submerged Arc-welded Pipes in the Pipe Mill

Longitudinally submerged arc-welded pipes, which have lately been used in pipelines to transport oil and gas, must be ultrasonically tested in the pipe production plant. Several test specifications describe the test techniques and artificial discontinuities that must be detected such as longitudinal discontinuities, transverse discontinuities, and laminations. Challenging for the application are the curved pipe surfaces and the coupling of the rather large phased array probes. The test results of automated ultrasonic testing systems are presented. Normally, the ultrasonic amplitudes are recorded versus the length of the pipe weld. Phased array test results can also provide C-scans (top view of weld) with true-to-position discontinuity imaging. Cross-sectional views (B-scans) might be helpful to analyze and characterize the discontinuity positions with respect to their depth and suggest a suitable repairing of the pipe. Test results for several discontinuity types are presented and an efficient system calibration is discussed

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