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Noncontact Evaluation of Acoustic Nonlinearity of a Laser-Generated Surface Wave in a Plastically Deformed Aluminum Alloy

A noncontact method to evaluate the acoustic nonlinearity of surface waves in a plastically deformed aluminum alloy is proposed. Line-arrayed laser beams modulated with slit masks were used for the generation of narrowband surface waves. A laser-ultrasonic detector using a two-wave mixing (TWM) approach was also employed to detect the surface waves. The specimens were deformed by a stroke-controlled tensile tester so as to generate various degrees of tensile deformation. The experimental results showed that the acoustic nonlinearity of the laser-generated surface waves increased according to the level of tensile deformation. This tendency was in good agreement with our previous results obtained using a contact piezoelectric (PZT)-transducer as the receiver. These results imply that our noncontact technique is suitable for the evaluation of acoustic nonlinearity and can be applied to practical damage assessment.

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