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Next Generation Eddy Current Array Technology: “The Need for Speed”

A leap in available low-cost electronics and advanced multivariate inverse methods (MIMs) has provided a perfect opportunity for a substantial leap in eddy current testing (ET) technology capability. Specifically, fully parallel “super” Nondestructive Testing (NDT) instruments with next generation ET arrays can deliver 5 to 100 times inspection throughput (speed) improvement over conventional ET for applications, such as engine disk inspection. JENTEK MWM-Arrays are conformable ET arrays that, when combined with advanced MIMs, can take advantage of the new super NDT instrument capabilities. This presentation discusses several applications that take advantage of the higher speed capability.

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  2. Goldfine, N., Windoloski, M., Washabaugh, A., Zilberstein, V., Tsukernik, V., Schlicker, D., Shay, I., Walrath, K., Lovett, T., “Automated Engine Disk Inspection for Detecting Cracks in Regions with Fretting Damage,” ASNT Fall Conference and Quality Testing Show, Columbus, Ohio, October 2005.
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