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NDE of Adhesively Bonded CFRP-Aluminum Lap Joints Using Acoustography

This paper examines the application of through-transmission ultrasonic (TTU) Acoustography NDE to detect and quantify the bondline defects in adhesively bonded carbon fiber reinforced plastics-Aluminum (CFRP-Al) lap joints. The bondline defects in CFRP-Al lap joints were simulated by introducing a xylene based degreaser on the bonding surface of 2024-T3 Aluminum by percentage surface area. The percentage surface area contaminated ranged from 25% to 75%. The TTU Acoustography method, operating at 5 MHz, was able to detect the surface contaminant in the bondline. The in-plane tensile test result for the sample with and without contamination showed an interesting phenomena, i.e. higher levels of surface contamination failed at higher loads compared to baseline noncontaminated sample.

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