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Guided Wave Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducer Technique for Inspection of Clad Plates

Clad metals are multilayered metal containing two or more layers that have been bonded together. The bonding may have been accomplished by cold or hot rolling, extrusion, welding, diffusion bonding, casting, heavy chemical deposition, or heavy electroplating. Clad metals offer the opportunity to combine desirable properties and/or characteristics of individual metals and alloys into a material “system” that provides improved characteristics over the individual metals, such as: corrosion resistance, lower cost, and high strength-to-weight ratio. In the event the bond quality is compromised, these materials will not meet their original purpose; therefore, detecting defective bonding between clad layers in a timely manner is important. This paper introduces a new system for detection of delamination in a brass/copper/brass three-layered composite used for coin stock, which makes use of guided wave electromagnetic acoustic transducers.

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