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Eddy Current Roughness Dynamic Measurement through Lubricant

The objective of this work was to study in situ a variation of roughness parameters of steel surfaces in dynamic conditions (moving parts with the velocity up to 0.4 m/s) of dry and lubricant friction. These experiments were performed during friction tests using a pin-on-disk rig. A highly productive eddy current technique for measurement of the roughness parameters in dynamic conditions of dry and lubricant friction was developed. The maximal error in the eddy current measurements compared to the standard roughness measurements was not greater than 20%. It was experimentally shown that at dry friction owing to plastic deformation, sensitivity of the eddy current device to roughness increased approximately 4.23 in comparison to friction in oil. The results obtained in this study can be useful both in the measurement of roughness during friction and in the machining of surfaces by grinding or polishing with or without fluids.

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