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Condition Monitoring of Pipeline by Radiometry Technique

The pipeline is important engineering component in process industry as it is used to transport fluid from one location to another. Degradation of material with time is a common occurrence in many applications. It affects the process in two ways. Either the pipe wall corrodes with time or some insoluble material deposits on the pipe wall. In both cases, the performance of the pipeline is adversely affected. Therefore, careful monitoring of pipe health is required to avoid undesired shutdown of operation. Methods such as radiographic testing and ultrasonic testing are used for periodic assessment of pipeline. Radiometry is a radiation base gaging technique that can be used to monitor pipe wall thickness. The setup is inexpensive and real-time results are available. The technique is based on measurement of attenuated photon beams with a radiation detector. The results are available in the form of counts and variation in wall thickness is reflected as a change in the count. This paper describes radiometry as a technique for monitoring wall thinning due to corrosion.

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