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Bond Strength Evaluation of Composite Joints Using DIC

This paper presents the use of digital image correlation (DIC) technique to investigate the effects of silicone contamination on the bondline of adhesively bonded carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) laminates to aluminum (Al) lap shear test coupons. For this, several CFRP-Al lap shear joint specimens of variable bond strength were prepared by varying the level of silicone contamination on the bondline. Following this, samples with and without silicone contamination were loaded on the tensile testing machine and series of digital images were recorded at several time intervals until failure. The failure load was used to calculate the bond strength of the specimen. The results obtained from this research were useful in analyzing bondline mechanical properties and as well as finding the location of contamination in the bondline at the initial stage of load application. From the results demonstrated, DIC method can be an accurate and easy to implement NDE tool for the assessment of adhesive joints.

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