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Advances in Linear Detector Arrays for X-Ray DR and CT Imaging

A novel platform is developed for X-ray detectors. The platform is utilized in digital linear detector arrays (LDAs) for industrial NDT and for various other inspection applications. Several improvements are presented on the features and performance of these products, which are on a critical role within the imaging chain of inspections systems. The platform has been developed to apply the latest proven solutions both in the electronics and in the communication interfaces. The new platform will improve quality and integrity of the X-ray image data and use cost saving PC interfaces. Furthermore, the new platform based X-ray detectors are providing remote diagnostics, on-site updates and other advanced features. Scanning speed and dynamic range are improved by certain design selections, giving direct benefits on the quality of the X-ray image data. At the same time detectors with new platform are more robust against external noise sources. This paper presents structure of the new detector platform, shows examples of its utilization in NDT and other applications, presents achieved performance improvements and summarizes other benefits, which the recent developments are providing.

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