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Advancements in Imaging Corrosion Under Insulation for Piping and Vessels

A new, high-speed imaging solution for corrosion under insulation (CUI) is described. This solution uses a very low-frequency, eddy current technology to provide high-resolution images of both external and internal corrosion through insulation and weather jacketing. The technique also applies to fireproofing or similar types of coatings. This new nondestructive testing solution can provide rapid, wide-area inspections of piping and vessels. This paper describes advancements in instrumentation, flexible eddy current array technology with magnetoresistive sensing elements, and multivariate inverse techniques that allow the technique to account for variations in the insulation thickness, electromagnetic properties of the steel wall (magnetic permeability and electrical conductivity), and steel wall thickness. These advancements produce a wide-area scanning solution that is faster, higher resolution, and more robust than other solutions (for example, pulsed eddy current testing) available for CUI.

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