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Advanced UT Personnel Development Solutions

Phased Array Ultrasonics (PAUT) and Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD) systems and applications have grown tremendously over the past decade. Nearly all major industrial sectors now allow or have provisions for the use of advanced ultrasonic systems. With this, it is imperative that the development of qualified personnel keep up with the demand of the technology from the industry. The qualification of personnel in advanced ultrasonics has proven to be a challenging task for many, especially for companies recently investing in the technology. It’s one thing to invest in the equipment, provide inspectors with training, but the hardship is typically most related to providing inspectors quality work experience to allow them to develop quality and proficiency in the particular technique to be applied. Sending inspectors in the field who lack quality training and experience can be detrimental to the inspection company, the inspectors themselves, and the advancement of the technology. This paper is to address specific issues with personnel qualification and to provide solutions to produce higher quality inspectors to meet industry demands. This paper will also present concepts for advanced ultrasonic quality programs which help assure consistent high quality results.

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