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A Field Deployable Digital X-Ray Solution for Weld Inspection in Oil & Gas

After the introduction and the huge success during the last decade of digital radiography – both CR (Computed Radiography) and DDA (Digital Detector Array) based -focused on erosion/corrosion inspection in the O&G segment, companies want to know if weld inspection can be covered as well. The main hurdles were availability of applicable Standards as well as the mobility of the equipment in field environment. It is proven that covering weld inspection in refineries with a portable X-Ray unit in combination with Computed Radiography technology based scanners is possible, convenient and much safer. This new combination reduces the need for utilizing high-risk Gamma sources while at the same time provides higher image quality results for the inspection according to the latest welding Standards. Although it is not the intent, and it will not be possible for the moment to convert all Gamma inspections into X-Ray, there is a strong believe that there are quite some occasions where X-Ray is the better choice for field radiography inspection, and we will prove this with some comparing images throughout the presentation.

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