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Ultrasonic Testing using Matrix Arrays for Discontinuity Detection

Several applications are presented for contact ultrasonic testing using matrix arrays. Computercontrolled ultrasonic equipment was used for the control of single transducer elements in transmitter and receiver modes and also for the selective steering of the ultrasonic beam using contributions from all the elements. The integrity of copper soldered joints was documented using a touchdown technique. During the measurement, control of successively activated single elements allowed C-scans to be reconstructed from data registered using a stationary matrix array. In a comparison test, a single scanning track was shown to be sufficient to create a C-scan. This is because of its ability to scan a profile with a laminar distribution of focal points at a welldefined depth. Along a single scanning track, artificial discontinuities in a thin anisotropic carbon fiber reinforced plastic specimen could clearly be detected using a matrix array. Without any scanning movement, the use of contributions from all the matrix elements could achieve detection of a distribution of laminar discontinuities in an aluminum plate.

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