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Ultrasonic Inspection of Welds in Corrosion Resistant Alloy Piping

Angle beam shear wave inspection is the common ultrasonic technique used for testing carbon steel welds. The conventional shear wave approach, while effective in carbon steels, has limitations in corrosion resistant alloy materials. These materials exhibit anisotropy that can strongly affect the propagation of shear waves. Corrosion resistant alloy materials, however, have significantly less effect on the propagation of longitudinal waves. The longitudinal waves, while applicable for such materials, mode convert at every reflection boundary. This limits their application to the half-vee mode. Special techniques are therefore required for the range of corrosion resistant alloy weld and overlay configurations to obtain a reliable inspection. Phased array techniques utilizing refracted angle beam longitudinal waves for inspection of corrosion resistant alloy pipes and welds are described.

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